M.A.D. Women is an entertaining musical show featuring the talents of two Illinois-born musicians/vocalists/songwriters, Amy Jo Madden and Barbara Allender, and a band of accomplished musicians and vocalists who bring their own style to cover tunes and a new unique sound with original songs. 

Their story -

Madden and Allender had been living in the same county; but they had never met until... Allender stopped by a small grocery store to put up posters to promote a music festival, the Harmony Fest, that she and her family had started nearby. Madden was there and they struck up a conversation. Allender recognized that it was Madden's voice, in fact, she had heard and admired from years before at another local festival. She extended an invitation to her to enter the Harmony Fest contest. Madden took her turn on the festival stage, claimed the first place festival status, and struck up a musical friendship that would propel the duo into a future of performing and recording. 

Performers  -

Audiences are engaged immediately with a M.A.D. Women welcome as they explain that they are not "angry, but maybe a little crazy!"  The combination of unbridled vocal grit when Madden pours soulful passion into each note of songs from the 1960's (often compared to Janis Joplin) to present day hits and Allender's smooth guitar leads and broad vocal range and repertoire from Country classics to Blues and Rock takes the listeners on a musical journey.

Add a resume of showcasing original music in the Nashville Songwriter's Association International and other songwriter showcases in Louisville, Ky., Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee; opening for Country band, "Little Texas," among others, and recording under accomplished producers, the late Louis Owens (Dolly Parton's uncle) and  Grammy award winner, the late Skip McQuinn, Allender has not only polished her songwriting credibility, her songs evoke emotions and praise from listeners.  

The band -

Others who have joined the "Madness" to complete an all-female powerhouse group have included the likes of  (Evansville, Indiana) seasoned performers Cindy Ray (bass/vocals), and Julie Michaels (drums/vocals).  Kim McCrady, former drummer and vocalist for the Kenny Presley (son of Elvis) show in Branson, Missouri,  was part of the group until health reasons caused her to take a rest from the hard-hitting schedule. 

Carolyn Drazic, a drummer who had toured the United States with other all-female bands,  and nationally known female drummer, Jyn Yates, of "Hillbilly Swager" (a project with the late Bev McClellan of "The Voice" fame), Louisville, Kentucky, as well as Mystee Bee, former bassist/ vocalist with Louisville-based band, "Van Waylon,"  were enlisted to comprise the band when Madden moved from lllinois to Kentucky. Other musicians, such as Martin Mudd, harmonica, are sought out to complete the M.A.D. Women sound. 

Despite the transition, Madden and Allender continue to perform as a duet and add musicians for a complete band sound where needed. They provide their own sound and lights if not available at venues at no additional cost.

They have developed a steady performance schedule and dedicated fan base. In 2016, they recorded a CD of cover tunes with one of Allender's originals. An all-original, 10-song recording project is set to be released in 2019.

The group looks forward to entertaining YOU with their high energy stage shows. M.A.D. Women are not only making music, they are making memories! 

CD cover

CD cover